Sixth Class

Fun on the tour to Creggan Activity Centre

 Co-operative games for the last few days

Making Shadow puppets with Errigal Arts

The boys has a busy morning making their own shadow puppets and then using a specially darkened room,(thanks Peter!) to show off their creations.

Rounders with Scoil Mhuire Gan Smal

We had a great afternoon of playing rounders with girls from Scoil Mhuire Gan Smal last Friday. Both schools mixed together in teams and we finished off the afternoon with ice-creams. More photos to follow on main page.

Activity Week

We just had a very busy week of activities here in the school. The boys learned more about healthy eating with a talk from football coach, Rory Kavanagh.  The 5th and 6th class boys helped to make their own smoothies in the school kitchen. We all took part in at least 30 mins extra exercise everyday and a whole school fun afternoon on Wednesday. A special  treat on the day was the visit of the ice-cream van and cone for everybody. Such a fun week!

An exciting drama based on the theme of ‘A day at the Seaside’

Chocolate cake!

The last group of boys baked with Mrs Kelly and created a delicious chocolate cake.
SPHE-We have been talking about drugs in room 14 and learning about the effects drugs can have on our bodies.

European Country Studies

We used the school laptops to research a European country of our choice. We prepared a PowerPoint Presentation to share our findings with the class. Each member of the group presented a number of slides. We included factfiles, pictures and interesting aspects of the country’s sport and culture.  The results were very impressive and we all learned a lot from each other. 

Coding in LYIT

Sixth class visited LYIT today. We used code to complete a maze game,  to fly drones and we created mobile apps. It was an inspiring day for all and we hope we have some some future  innovators in our midst.

Bees 🐝

Before our visit to Glenveagh we learned about the honey bee. We wrote reports, made fridge magnets from clay and used shape patterns to create our hives.

Cookery Class

A huge thank you to Mrs Kelly for her help in cookery class over the past number of weeks. Mrs Kelly has taught the boys to create simple and delicious meals. Make sure they practice their new skills at home 😄

Scratch Coding

Mrs Dunleavy’s class have been using the school laptops to begin coding. We are using Scratch. In week one, the boys created simple games.


Mrs Dunleavy’s class travelled to Glenveagh to learn all about bees and pollination. The sun shone, the deer came to see us and we had a great day!

Designing a Marble Run

We have been learning about forces in Science. Each group designed a marble run using recyclable materials. The first class came to test the results. They enjoyed playing with our designs and helped teacher choose a winning entry. 

STEM activity-The boys were given the task of designing and making a boat using only the materials provided. They then had to test the buoyancy of their creation by seeing how many marbles it could hold before sinking…….

Preparations and designing stage.


The results

The winning group- their boat held 46 marbles!

A wonderful but wet trip to Glenveagh National Park!

Pollination and the bees was the order of the day but due to the wether, most of the bees were taking shelter. We had a great time nonetheless enjoying the scenery of Glenveagh and learning about the wildlife.

Stem Activities- The boys were given the challenge of designing and making a launcher for a small army man. We then tested the designs and measured the distances achieved by each launcher.

The designing Stage

Testing the launchers

Well done Shaun on achieving an All-Ireland medal in boxing.

A lot of chocolate in the kitchen this week!

Looking after the Flowers

Thanks to Sean, Amir and Shaun who have taken home the potted flowers to care for them.

Easter Chicks

Mrs Maguire visited the classes to show the recently hatched chicks in the hatchery and told us what care they now need.


We conducted an experiment using a torch to see whether light could shine through materials.Using a variety of materials and torches, the boys explored translucent, transparent and opaque.


Well done to the debate team for winning the cup in the Letterkenny Debating League after winning their 4th debate in a row proposing the motion “Charity Begins at Home” against Scoil Mhuire Gan Smal.

Keep Safe

A great day was had by the 6th classes attending a Keep Safe morning the Aura. The boys were delighted to hear from a number of safety and rescue experts and get the chance to use the specialised equipment. There were representatives from the Armed Garda Response Unit, Air and Sea Rescue, Paramedics, Road Safety experts, The Fire Service and more. It was a very exciting and informative day for all involved as each boy donned a variety of equipment, learned how to use a defibrillator and watched the fire service in action.

Concert for Seachtain na Gaeilge

We sang The Irish Rover and Bog Down in the Valley-O. It was an enjoyable day listening to all the wonderful Irish music and singing from the other classes as well as impressing them with our own singing!

Science experiment

We conducted an experiment to explore the effects of fizzy drinks on our teeth. We used eggs as their surface is most similar to our teeth. We used water, orange juice, Red Bull and Coke.

Confirmation Celebration

Congratulations to our sixth class pupils who received the sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday in St Eunans Cathedral. We are very proud of all the boys. We enjoyed a day of celebration on Monday. See some photos from Arena 7 below.

Freshly battered fish and chips!!


Be the best You that You can be

The boys planted bulbs, discussed their needs and the potential each bulb has to be a beautiful flower if it accepts the heat from the sun, absorbs nutrients and water from the soil and pushes through the soil to be the best flower it can be.

The boys were then reminded of the potential in each one of them to be the best ‘you’ they can be, if they accept love from family and friends and put effort into themselves. Material things in life are not important, the people in our lives are. The boys were reminded they are all unique and special in their own way.

Doing the 10@10 for RTE! Such excitement.

Home made Pizzas and Apple crumble with custard

Valentine Art

No one was saying who the cards were for……?

And more pancake making and eating!


The boys enjoyed yummy pancakes and Nutella this morning. Many thanks to Mrs Fisher and Mrs Cannon for their help.