Sixth Class

STEAM- Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics

The boys spent the afternoon designing and creating boats in small groups. Each group was given specific materials and tasked with creating their own boat with the instructions that it must float and its buoyancy would be tested using marbles. We had some very different designs and after testing each craft, the boat designed and created by Walber, Mikey and Jason was deemed the most successful holding 11 marbles before sinking. Well done to all the boys for their creative and critical thinking.

The planning and thinking stage.

The finished boats

Testing the buoyancy!

The winning team and the recorded results.

Well done to Pat who came second in the Scór recitation competition with his wonderful rendition of Seamus Heaney’s ‘Digging’.

Well done to Stephen who brought in the cup he won with the under 12 hurling team

Peace IV Project

The two sixth classes had a wonderful day this week in Educate Together School. We got to make dragster cars with motors using lego, learned a new dance routine with Chloe and created wonderful music using a variety of percussion instruments. The boys had a wonderful time and continue to make new friends as they benefit in many ways from these wonderful experiences.

The three attached short videos will hopefully play when you click on them….




Have we changed much in four years? From First Holy Communion to Confirmation.

Seachtain na Gaeilge

The boys put on a wonderful musical performance of The Colcannon Song and Bog Down in the Valley-O. A great recitation from Pat also of a Seamus Heaney poem.

Gold Star Ceremony

Well done to the many boys who received their 6th gold star and gold Medal from Mr Cannon on Thursday. There are many more boys who are well on their way to earning their medals also in the next month or two.

A wonderful day out as part of the Peace IV Project.

The 5th and 6th classes spent the day in Ramelton with pupils from Ballyraine and Educate Together learning about wildlife and taking photographs. We were blessed with great weather and everyone learned so much together.

Congratulations to the boys who made their Confirmation in a reverent and memorable ceremony last Saturday. Thanks to the school choir and their beautiful singing which enhanced the ceremony. All of the boys took part and both teachers and school are immensely proud. We enjoyed a celebration together in Arena 7 on Monday.

I think the trip on the Double decker bus was a highlight for many-including the staff!!

The Loft in Letterkenny delivered a very interesting talk today on internet safety- The boys were made more aware of the safety measures they should take and how to stay safe on line.

Some chess and some drama…

We welcomed Clive Wasson into our classroom. He gave us some insights into his work as a photographer and shared tips on taking good photographs. We used the school tablets to photograph natural objects. We look forward to using our new found skills on our next Peace IV outing.

Some more cooking in the kitchen-Marble cake this week!

Mexican Fajitas on the menu!

Well done Paddy on becoming a champion gold medal winner in Irish Amateur Boxing in Derry at the weekend.

Some fun language games in class.


Pointilism Art

Aboriginal style painting

Winter Scenes

Peace IV Project

The 5th and 6th classes are currently taking part in Peace IV Project . This involves our school  working and learning with 2 other schools-Ballyraine National School and Letterkenny Educate Together.

We had our first trip together to the Aura to get to know each other. A wonderful day was had by all, as the children played together and enjoyed a variety of fun activities.

Busy in the kitchen again!

Carra, Ryan and Jason made fresh vegetable soup-just perfect for the cold weather.

Spaghetti and meatballs cooked from scratch by Jonah, Caoilinn and Walber.

Debate this week: Children should be kept indoors after 8pm.

Well done to Kacper, Paddy, Luke and Michael for their hard work and interesting speeches.

Snow globes: can you find everybody?

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Cooking quiche in the kitchen.

Construction underway!

Rhythm Relays in music as the boys get to grips with the different beats!

Cottage Pie this week in the kitchen-Rino, Pat and Martin cooked up a storm with Mrs Kelly.

A science experiment looking at the fats in milk and how they bond to fairy liquid.                                                                     Rainbow Milk.

Thanks a million to Mrs Timoney for giving us all such a wonderful talk on the season of Advent while demonstrating the making of the Advent wreath.

Chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen last week!

Working with clay in the last few weeks, the boys created owls and hope to transfer their new skills to creating a new project in the future.

Debate: Footballers are overpaid

An interesting topic and one close to the hearts of many boys today. Well done all who took part.

Science experiments creating simple pulleys and exploring friction

Classroom debate in sixth class.

A very interesting debate took place in class as we explore persuasive writing.

Martin, Nosa, JJ and Clyde wrote and delivered speeches to the class on the motion “School Uniforms should be Banned.”

The boys conducted their own research and delivered great speeches with great confidence and clarity. They then took numerous questions from the floor and answered them with respect and knowledge.

Well done to the the debaters and the rest of the class for respectful listening and insightful and interesting questions.

French Toast or Eggy Bread made by Michael, Jamie and Bartek.

Some spooky art in the corridors and a wonderful piece of art from Walber.


The NET Team working with our 6th class boys in preparation for their confirmation.

Our drama class included some interesting characters as well as some very unusual noises!

Martin and Stephen telling us about their sporting achievements in boxing and hurling. Well done boys – you’re a credit to the school and and keep up the good work.

Wainfest Lego:A trip to the library

Such concentration on the boys’ faces as they followed the instructions. A great time was had by all.

Omelettes in the kitchen this week from Jack, Luke and Andrew.

Some unique art from the boysWonderful Geography work on the structure of the earth.


Cookery Club Open!

Sixth class will all get a chance to cook in the cookery club with Mrs Kelly. Here we have Clyde, Stephen and Finn who made delicious homemade scones with fresh cream and strawberries – they were delicious!

I hope the boys try out their new skills at home.


Coding: JJ showing us the videos and games he’s created.

Well done Paddy – an Ulster Champion in boxing!

Science Experiment

We used salt and potatoes to examine how water is taken from cells. This led to very interesting discussions about Egyptian mummies and growing older…