Sixth Class

Sixth class Graduation

We were all very sad to say goodbye to our wonderful sixth classes. It has been an absolute pleasure to teach these classes and we wish them well for their future.

Preparation for Confirmation 
The pupils in 6th Class will make their Confirmation in September. We have been busy preparing this term. 

The link below will bring you a copy of the information letter sent home with sixth classes regarding Confirmation.

Confirmation letter 2021


A Final STEM Activity

The instructions were to build the tallest tower possible to hold a tennis ball, using only tape and newspaper. The groups reached very impressive heights today. Well done sixth class!

Snapshots from our final weeks 

STEM-  Building a spaghetti tower

The class had limited supplies and a time limit and we got some very interesting results… a lot of thinking outside the box!!

The winners were Felipe, Arthur and Prab- their tower reached an impressive 54cm!

Learning about the history of Letterkenny followed by fun in the park- a great day out!


As we begin to countdown our final days in primary school, the 6th class pupils have selected some of their favourite  activities. They have been hidden in balloons which we will pop each day next week. Then we will enjoy whichever activity is in the balloon.

Cooperative Play with Board Games


 Problem Solving

We used the brain snacks resource to work on our problem solving skills in our pods.



STEM challenge: Magnetic Race 

We have been learning about magnets in science and we used this knowledge to design and make a simple racing game. The pupils showed great imagination in this challenge.

Japanese Cherry Blossoms

STEM challenge: Build a Bridge

We looked at bridge design and famous bridges all over the world. Each pod then had to construct their own bridges using the materials in the STEM box. The bridge had to be 30cm long and be able to take the weight of the toy car. Our future engineers excelled themselves.


We learned about magnets in science and used our knowledge to create maze games.

World War Two Display

STEM challenge: Design a lighthouse

The class had to use their understanding of electric circuits to design and make a working lighthouse. The results were fantastic with some pods even incorporating a switch mechanism.

STEM challenge: Design a shoe

The class had to design a shoe using only paper and tape. The groups had to work together and fulfil certain criteria- fit one person in the group, be able to put on and take off and strong enough to walk around the room. The groups worked very well together, coming up with a variety of ideas and ended the activity by presenting their shoe and modelling with attitude!



Science: Working with electricity- creating simple circuits to light bulbs and power buzzers


Ice cream rewards earned over a number of weeks- well done 6th class!


We have learned about world war 2



Some colourful art for Easter to brighten up the walls!

In science we observed how light reflects and how this reflection affects the images we see. We applied this knowledge to create kaleidoscopes and explored mirror writing.


6th class have learned aboutIreland and the 1916 Rising. The classes have looked at a variety of sources to learn as much as we can.

We began a novel and are learning how to explore each character.

Projects on countries of the world. Each boy chose his own country to research, created a display and then presented orally to the whole class. 

Some recent art using clay in 6th class. The classes first made pumpkins and progressed onto clay owls. Didn’t they turn out well!



Some STEM activities from 6th class. STEM is helping students enhance their critical thinking skills using science, technology, engineering and maths.

The pupils were given an instruction and a limited number of supplies and had to work together to achieve the task.


The pupils were given the task of creating a parachute for a toy army man. Lots of designs were tried out and many tweaks made before the class settled on final creations.

Here, the pupils were given 12 straws and tape and asked to create the tallest freestanding tower possible. The generated some interesting discussions on what makes a strong base.


The pupils were asked to create a launcher to send a toy soldier the greatest distance possible. One group managed to launch the army many almost the full width of the classroom!

Welcome back to our 6th Classes

Mrs Dunleavy and Mrs Kavanagh were delighted to welcome back the 6th classes to Scoil Cholmcille on Monday. After the long absence they got straight back to work and they have achieved a lot  in their first week. We have explored place value in Maths, researched the Celts in History and we got to know each other through art, discussion and play.

Above all, the pupils have been amazing in their response to the new Covid rules that have been put in place to make Scoil Cholmcille safe. They have been observing distancing, staying within their pods and bubbles and adhering to the handwashing and sanitizing guidelines.

We are very proud. We are sure to have an exciting year ahead so keep an eye on here for examples of our work.



Book Rental Return

Please note that all book rentals should be returned to the school this Thursday and Friday between 9.30 – 3.00. Please return your books to the front door of the school in a plastic bag. Many thanks.

6th Class Graduation

It was so lovely that so many of you came to say a final farewell to us and Scoil Cholmcille. We really enjoyed seeing all the faces again and seeing how much you had all grown! I hope you have as many fond memories of the school and of your teachers as we have of you all. It has been  pleasure to teach you and the corridors of Scoil Cholmcille will not be the same without your happy, smiling faces.

We wish you every good fortune for your future and remember you’ll always be a Scoil Cholmcille boy!

If we’ve left out a photo in error, please let us know!



15h June, 2020

Hi boys,

It’s hard to believe that we have reached your final week in Primary school. What a rollercoaster this year has been. We remember all the good times we had together and we commend your great efforts in the challenges presented to us by Covid-19. While we have missed you over the past few months, we are in no doubt that you are ready to make the move onwards to secondary school. We hope that you will all be able to join us for your personal Graduation later this week and we look forward to seeing you all again. No doubt you have grown since we last met!

We have included some links for virtual tours in this week’s blog. While we may not be able to have our traditional day out together, we can still take a tour! In fact, a virtual tour offers a whole world of possibilities with distance or cost of no concern. Choose any tour that excites or interests you.

As always, we are here to assist you in any way we can via the class email.

Kind regards,

Mrs Dunleavy and Mrs Kavanagh

15th June blog Mrs Kavanagh and Mrs Dunleavy

SPHE worksheet activity: Time Capsule Snapshots

Mrs Mc Clafferty’s groups:Work beginning 15th June

Miss Mc Gill’s Group: 15.06.20 MissMcGill

Mr. Crossan’s work June 15th

Work for Brazilian pupils

M.T. June 15th – 19th


Spellbound Answers for this week’s work Spellbound Answers

Master your Maths Answers: Master Your Maths Week 30 Answers

8th June, 2020

Hello boys,

We hope you are all keeping well and safe at home. As our school year begins to draw to a close, we encourage you to keep up your great efforts for the last few weeks. We are always impressed at the quality of the work you are doing at home. You are displaying great maturity and independence and we are very proud of you all.

We are excited to see you all next week as we have missed you so much. Keep in touch and remember to use the email address if you have any questions about your work. We will be delighted to help you.

Finally, we invite you to watch the youtube video below. It is a very special message from the president of Ireland to you, the 6th class of 2020.

Stay safe and keep in touch,

Mrs Dunleavy and Mrs Kavanagh

8th June Mrs Kavanagh and Mrs Dunleavy

Please click below for Miss McGill’s Group

8.06.20  MissMcGill

SPHE Worksheet links: Please click below

My Educational Journey So Far

My Feelings About Secondary School

Mrs. Mc Clafferty’s groupings Work beginning 8th June

Mr. Crossan’s work – June 8th – 12th

M.T. June 8th – 12th

work for Brazilian pupils June 8th – 12th

Happy birthday to Caolán and Kuba this week!                            Giraffe birthday (With images) | Giraffe birthday, Funny happy ...




Have a lovely weekend boys!  Spellbound answers:

WEEK 30 PAGE 62/63

Ex. 1 (a) profile (b) primitive (c) practical (d) precede (e) repeat (f) response (g) mission (h) seize (i) responsibility (j) profitable (k) require

Ex. 2 (a) permission (b) pronounce (c) require (d) scout, valley, (e) mission, primitive (f) hobbies, profitable

Ex. 3

A list – 1. passion 2. permission 3. primitive 4. profile 5. profitable 6. precise 7. precisely 8. Practical 9. practically 10. precede 11. pronounce

B list — 1. passion 2. permission 3. practical 4. practically 5. precede 6. precise 7. precisely 8. primitive 9. profile 10. profitable 11. pronounce

Ex. 4 (a) primitive (b) scout (c) permission (d) profitable (e) precede (f) Russia (g) seize (h) responsibility (i) precisely

Ex. 5 passion, represent, grammar, pronounce




2nd June, 2020

Hi boys,

Welcome to your final month in primary school. It is hard to believe that is June already. We have seen some excellent work again this week. This independent work will stand to you in secondary school. This month, we will be encouraging you to reflect on your time in Scoil Cholmcille and to share some of your memories. We encourage you to keep up your efforts for the last month. Remember that we are available to help and to give you feedback on your work via the email address below.

Hopefully, you have received your invitation to come and visit us for a final time at the end of June. We are very excited to see you all again as we have missed you very much.

Stay safe and keep in touch,

Mrs Dunleavy and Mrs Kavanagh

2nd June Blog for Mrs Kavanagh and Mrs Dunleavy

  Work beginning 2nd June – Work for Mrs Mc Clafferty

02.06.20 Miss McGill’s Group


        Happy birthday to Mike this week!                   Gorgeous Festive Fireworks - Happy Birthday Card

Lovely art work from Paulius and TJ. They have both created wonderful art depicting a city skyline. Very impressive boys!















Answers for spellbound and Master your Maths

week 29 Master Your Maths Week 29Answers

Spellbound answers: Week 29

Ex. 1 1. delightful 2. democracy 3. delight 4. demonstrate 5. demolish 6. demand

Ex. 2 (a) deposit (b) deprive (c) democratic (d) destination (e) desperate (f) independent

Ex. 3 (a) debris (b) demand (c) delightful
(d) demonstrate (e) departure (f) demolish
Ex. 4 (a) departure (b) dense (c) demolish (d) independent (e) destination (f) deprive (g) deposit (h) democratic (i) deplete (j) delightful

Ex. 5 1. deplete 2. dessert 3. deputy 4. demolish 5. demand 6. deposit 7. deprive 8. desperate

Ex. 6 (a) demand (b) depart (c) depend (d) dessert (e) deposit (f) dependent (g) desperate (h) determined (i) denomination


Dear Parents,

Please find below details of a free online course that you may access in order to assist you in supporting your child in the transition to secondary school. This course is available from the Donegal Education Centre, lasts one hour and starts at 3pm Tuesday 26th of May. Apologies for the late notification as we only became aware of this course today.

Go to the address and click on the course Transition from Primary to Post Primary.


The transition from Primary to Secondary school is an exciting yet challenging time in a child’s life. It also comes at a key developmental stage, a fact not lost on parents as they come to terms with the arrival of the teenage years.

Key areas addressed are:

  • Junior Cycle what’s new.
  • Supporting teens to manage change.
  • Identifying common areas of concern and how to be prepared
  • Trouble shooting and where to go for support.
  • Embracing change and being open to new opportunities.

An information pack supporting this webinar will be available to all participants.

Gráinne Mulcahy a full time teacher, Chaplain, Restorative Practices Tutor, Digital Leader in Gorey Community School and the Adult Education Coordinator. She has played a key role in developing the transition programme for my her own school, delivered an induction programme to incoming first years and supported parents through parent evenings. Grainne is also currently in Year 3 Doctorate in Education, TCD.


Start Date 26-05-2020 3:00 pm
End Date 26-05-2020 4:00 pm
Individual Price Free

25th May, 2020
Hi boys,
It was lovely to see so many of your parents on Tuesday and we hope that you will find your work a little easier now that you have your textbooks. We will still be directing you to suitable online sources to complete work that we have started over the past few weeks or websites to further your understanding of topics.
Please do not forget to return your Educational Passport Materials to the school by post. These are important for your transition to secondary school.
Please continue to send us samples of your work. We look forward to your emails.
Keep in touch and stay safe!
Kind regards,
Mrs Dunleavy and Mrs Kavanagh

Work for Mrs Kavanagh and Mrs Dunleavy-25th May Mrs Kavanagh and Mrs Dunleavy        

Mrs Mc Clafferty’s groups – Work beginning 25th May

Miss Mc Gill’s Groups 25.05.20 MissMcGill

Mr. Crossan’s groups:

M.T. May 25th – 29th

work for Brazilian pupils May 25th – 29th


Happy Friday!

Answers for maths and Spellbound. 🙂

week 28 spellbound answers

Master Your Maths Week 28Answers (1)



20th May

Dear parents and pupils,

The Educational Passport Materials letter will be posted out to you all this week. You need to fill in the forms and return them to the school. We encourage you to take your time and give as much detail as possible, as these forms will be forwarded to your chosen secondary school.

Please rest assured that we will be liaising with the second level schools, to ensure that your transition to secondary school will be as smooth as possible in these difficult times.

Don’t forget that we can be contacted at if you need any assistance.

Kind regards,

Mrs Dunleavy and Mrs Kavanagh



18th May, 2020

Hi boys,

It is hard to believe that another week has passed! We hope that you are all staying safe and keeping well. We received lots of excellent work this week. We really enjoyed looking at your pop art! It makes us both so proud to see the great efforts that you are making in challenging times. This week, you will be able to get your books so we hope that will make your work easier. Remember you can use the email address to ask us any questions you may have.

You will find this week’s plan of work below. As usual, we ask you to do as much as you can. We also ask that you begin to collect toilet roll tubes / kitchen roll tubes for an art project the following week.

We miss you all very much.

Kind regards,

Mrs Kavanagh and Mrs Dunleavy

PS: A big Happy Birthday shout out to Cuba and Kevin this week! 🙂 Happy Birthday Images | The Best Collection

Work from Mrs Kavanagh and Mrs Dunleavy: 18th May Mrs Kavanagh and Mrs Dunleavy

Mrs Mc Clafferty’s groups : Work beginning 18th May

Please click here for Miss McGill’s Group: 18. 05.20 MissMcGill

Mr. Crossan’s work

m.t. May 18th – 22nd

work for Brazilian pupils May 18th – 22nd

Lessons to help Brazilian students. Please click the links below to view. Mr. Crossan.

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3



Master your Maths answers

week 27 Master Your Maths Answers

Spellbound answers

May 15th Spellbound Answers

11th May, 2020

Hello again,

We hope are all keeping well at home and managing to complete some work as well as getting plenty of fresh air. We were delighted to see so much great work last week. We are very impressed with the effort you are all making.

This week, we have included a project and some work on the theme of Japan which we hope you will find interesting. You can present your project in any form including powerpoint or on paper. You can just use whatever materials you have at home.

Take care and stay in touch with us and each other,

Kind regards

Mrs. Kavanagh and Mrs. Dunleavy.

11th May Mrs Kavanagh and Mrs Dunleavy

Please click for Mrs MC Clafferty’s groups:

Work beginning 11th May

Please click here for Miss McGill’s Group:

Miss McGill’s Group 11.05.20

Mr. Crossan’s pupils’ work:

  1. M.T.May 11th – 15th
  2. work for Brazilian pupils May 11th – 15th




Please click below for Miss McGill’s Group.

5.5.20 Week 3 Summer Term MissMcGill

Hello again,

We hope you all had a lovely May Bank Holiday Weekend! Thank you to all the pupils who sent us work last week. It was lovely to hear from you and to see how you hard you have been working at home. We saw some very impressive work samples and we are proud of your efforts. Remember that you can use the email address to send us work or ask us any questions you may have about the work. Please remember to send on you Active week Chart to us or to Mrs McClafferty. We are always delighted to hear from you.

You will find this week’s plan of work below. The work from Mrs. Mc Clafferty and Ms. McGill has been added below this week so the boys who attend these teachers, click on the blue links.

We miss seeing you every day but we understand that by keeping apart for now, we are helping to keep everyone safe.

Take care and stay in touch with us and each other,

Kind regards

Mrs. Kavanagh and Mrs. Dunleavy.

5th May Blog work Mrs Kavanagh and Mrs Dunleavy

Work for Mrs Mc Clafferty’s groups: Work beginning 5th May



Answers for Master Your Maths and Spellbound.

Answers for spellbound and maths week april 27th


This is Active Home Week and we are encouraging all children to be active for at least 60 minutes everyday. You will find ideas and information on the two posters below and the links are also attached. Please try out new activities, take on new challenges and have fun with your family (staying within 2 km of your home). Our school is working towards our Active School Flag, so we would appreciate it if you could fill in the chart to record your daily activities, linked below and email it back to us at the end of the week. Don’t forget to add your name at the bottom!

Thank you for your support,

Mrs Kavanagh and Mrs Dunleavy.


Active-Home-Week-Challenge-Chart-1 copy

Info. Document for PARENTS (Schools Working Towards ASF) (1)


Monday 27th April

Hello boys,

We hope you are continuing to stay well and happy. It was great to hear from so many of you last week and the work we saw was very good. Please remember that you can use the email address to send us work, ask any questions or ask for some help. We are only too glad to help you as much as we can.

This week is Active Home Week. If we were at school, we would have been involved in a lot of physical activities so please try to make a huge effort to do at least 60 minutes activity every day. There is chart for you to fill in online and return using the email at the end of the week- don’t forget to add your name!

The Spellbound and Master Your Math answers will be available on the blog on Friday afternoon for you to check. You might like to keep a record of your scores and don’t forget to get someone to test you on Friday on your spellings. Don’t forget to use RUCSAC in your math work and email us if you are finding some of the work challenging.

The work from Mrs. Mc Clafferty and Ms. McGill has been added below this week so the boys who attend these teachers, click on the blue links.

As always, we both miss seeing you all in our classrooms every day but it is very important that we all follow the government guidelines to keep everyone safe.

Take care and stay in touch with us and each other,

Kind regards

Mrs. Kavanagh and Mrs. Dunleavy.

accessing books online

Mrs Kavanagh and Mrs Dunleavy April 27th work for blog

Mrs Mc Clafferty Work beginning 27th April

Miss McGill – Work – April 27th – May 1st


To email Mrs Kavanagh & Mrs Dunleavy :

To email Miss Mc Gill :

To email Mrs Mc Clafferty:

To email Mr Kavanagh:

To email Ms Keys:

To email Mr Crossan:



Good afternoon Boys,

We have got messages from many of you this week and enjoyed hearing from you all. Remember you can use the email to ask us questions and get some help with your work as well as send us work. The answers for Spellbound and Master your Maths are below this message.

Stay safe and keep in touch, Enjoy your weekend.

Mrs Kavanagh and Mrs Dunleavy


Master your Maths Answers

Master Your Maths Week 25 Answers

Spellbound Answers

spellbound Week 23 P48


Hello again boys,

We hope you enjoyed your Easter holidays?

We hope you all continuing to stay well and remembering to wash your hands and follow government guidelines. We still miss seeing you every day and hope to see you all again soon.

You will need to access the books online, so if you have forgotten how to, look back at the previous message for instructions or open the link we’ve added to this page labelled ’Accessing the books’. Please read the list below(click on the link) for what we would like you to get done this week. Remember to label all your work and try to write neatly. you will find the answers for week 24, Master Your Maths below and we will post week 25 on Friday.

We have e mail addresses for you to send pictures of some of the work you get done. Please remember to put your teacher’s name in the subject bar.  We would suggest watching the RTE’s School Hub every day at 11am- it’s very entertaining and educational.

Hoping to hear from you all,

Mrs Kavanagh and Mrs Dunleavy.


To email Mrs Kavanagh & Mrs Dunleavy :

To email Miss Mc Gill :

To email Mrs Mc Clafferty:

To email Mr Kavanagh:

To email Ms Keys:

To email Mr Crossan:


20th April work 6th class


accessing books online

Dear Boys,
We hope you are all well and staying safe?
We miss seeing you all daily and I’m sure you are missing spending time with your friends, as well as missing us……
Please make sure you are following all the guidelines about handwashing and social distancing so that working all together we can make a difference.
Try to get physical exercise every day, play games, listen to music, read books, talk to your family. We are looking forward to seeing the projects you have been working on for the past few weeks.
We hope it will not be too long until our school corridors fill up with the sounds of happy children once more but until that time, we will try to help you keep up with your schoolwork.

Click on the link below to get all the information you need.
Mrs Kavanagh, Mrs Dunleavy, Mrs Mc Clafferty and Ms Mc Gill.

click on me-sixth class work




Scoil Cholmcille, Letterkenny – Programme of Work for 6th Class

Mrs Kavanagh / Mrs Dunleavy






Novel: Please read a novel and complete a book report. ( 1 Page)

Write a description of your favourite character ( 1 page)

Illustrate your favourite chapter.

Pick out 25 new words from the book and look them up in your dictionary.

Please keep reading !!!!!


Genre Writing:



  1. Imagine you are your teacher. What changes would you make to your classroom?
  2. Pretend you are an Olympic athlete. Write a narrative about your sacrifices and battles to get to the games. Imagine you are the winner of a gold medal.



Use the following websites to continue to practice tables. You will find worksheets  on fractions, decimals, percentages as well as explanatory power points.

AREA of regular and irregular shapes is our next topic so please focus on this. and enter code: IRLTWINKLHELPS


Project on 1916. Please use the twinkl website above to complete a project on the events of 1916 on the paper provided by your teacher.  Focus should include

  • A timeline of events
  • A biography of each of the signatories
  • The outcome of the Rising



Research the composer Vivaldi

Listen to Spring from The Four Seasons and draw a picture in response to the music.

Write 5 facts about the composer’s life.



We encourage all pupils to stay active, spending time every day engaging in some form of physical activity.



STEM: Create and design structures using marshmallows

Mac ‘n Cheese with Mrs Kelly

Some drama- James Bond style

Brown bread and smoothies-Yum!