Fifth Class

The boys and girls in 5th class took part in the North West Vex IQ Robotics competition hosted by the ATU Letterkenny.  We had a great day and took 2 prizes back to the Convent Rd.  A Teamwork Champion Award 2023/2024 and a Robot Skills Champion Award 2023/2024.  It was a great day out and all of 5th class contributed to the success on the day.  Well done 5th Class.




The boys and girls in 5th class really enjoyed taking part in the Cycle Right programme this month.  Gemma and Fergus visited the school to teach the children some cycling techniques and to help the children understand and appreciate the importance of road safety.


5th class are learning all about robotics. We are designing and building robots.   The class are also preparing for the VEX IQ Robotics event in the New Year!!


We had great fun today making pizza using lots of Maths skills to measure ingredients to make the dough base. We also got the opportunity to try new fruits and vegetables as we chose toppings for our pizza. We even had a debate about whether pineapple belongs on a pizza or not… the debate continues! One thing we know for sure though is that the pizzas were delicious!


Problem solving in 5th Class.  Mr. Breslin’s class enjoy using Izak9 maths cubes to improve their teamwork skills and develop their interest in mathematics.