Fifth Class

a lovely two weeks of fun activities before finishing up for the summer holidays. Maith sibh Rang a Cuig

We got Ice Cream

Our well deserved Pizza party for the class that raised the most money for the Easter Draw!!! So proud


The Easter holidays have arrived

We had the pleasure of tasting Tamales today in the class. Thank you so much to Diego’s mum for sending them into us to taste. Everybody loves a bit of Mexican food but these were certainly delicious.

Another Farewell in 5th class. Ms Mc Garvey’s class had a cookies and hot chocolate party for Nathan James’ last day. We wish you all the best in your new school Nathan – James. The class will miss you.


Jarla who is one of Ireland’s leading cartoonist was in with Ms Mc Garvey’s 5th class today. The class really enjoyed learning about how simple steps can create really cool cartoons. Here are some pictures:



Ms Mc Garvey’s class had great fun joining other classes for An Ceile Mór – celebrating Seachtain na Gaeilge.



Ms Mc Garvey’s Class enjoying Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Tuesday today! Yummy ….

Ms Mc Garvey’s campaigners to become a member for the student council. Votes go ahead on Monday.

Some of the projects that Ms Mc Garvey’s class made as part of their homework on the solar system. What an amazing job, well done to parents / siblings who helped.

Celebrating St Brigids day in the classroom today.

Ms Mc Garvey’s class started dance in PE this week. They are currently learning the Siege of Ennis

Saying goodbye to Tairuba with a hot chocolate and cookies party. We hope you enjoy your new school


This is some of the stem challenges completed by the

This is some of the beautiful artwork that Ms Mc Garvey’s class has created over the first term.



Our class enjoyed an online live zoom with Franz who designed the Izak9 cube concept.