Parent/Teacher Communication

  1. Teacher Communication:
    Check the School Bag and Diary daily for any notes, newsletters, forms, messages etc.
  2. Absences and Illnesses:
    Please ensure that you send a note to the class teacher to explain the reason for your son’s absence or the reason why they have attended late or need to leave early. Thank you for taking the care not to send sick children to school. The Board of Management is obliged to inform the National Education Welfare Board of cumulative absences of pupils for more than 20 days.
  3. Meeting Principal/Teachers:
    The Principal can meet with parents once an appointment has been made. Please deal directly with the school during normal office hours (9.20 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.) on 074-91-22772. Teachers cannot meet parents during teaching time. You can meet Teachers and/or Principal by making an appointment with the school secretary.
  4. Mobile Numbers/ Change of Address:
    The school uses Text-a-parent . If you change your mobile number or address, please contact the school immediately to amend our records.

Parent Teacher Meetings:

Parent/Teacher meetings are formally organised once a year where parents are provided with an appointment, date and time to attain a report on their child’s progress in school. Invariably these meetings are scheduled in November and generally last for ten minutes.

Parents are welcome to meet with the class teacher by making an appointment through the office (0749122772) where the secretary will coordinate a time that is suitable to both teacher and parent. The secretary will get back to the parent regarding the setting up of the meeting.

The “Boyz Zone” is a termly publication for parents to celebrate the highlights, events and curriculum learning of all the pupils at the end of each term.