First class

    1. Look at our fabulous costumes!
    Mrs. Shields’ First Class with Mrs.Mulhall, Learning Support Teacher
Look at our Spring board, complete with acrostics, hand print cherry blossom trees and spring lambs.
Spring has sprung!
Look at the lovely lanterns we made
Happy Valentine’s Day
Happy Valentine’s Day

Working on our collages

St Bridget’s Day Collage

Learning about St Bridget using the interactive whiteboard

Enhancing fine motor skills
We are working hard calculating the length of school items
Working collaboratively
Working in pairs.
We work well together!
Finding the length of school items
We are measuring the length of objects
Our Winter Wonderland
Our festive reindeer
Getting creative #one month to Christmas!
Our Winter Acrostics
Reading comprehension
Winter cutting activity

Winter cutting activity
Gaeilge….interactive learning activity
Gaeilge…interactive learning activity
Maths skills development
Oral Maths skills development.
Tangram work

Working with Tangrams
Working with Tangrams
Mental Maths skills enhancement
Getting ready for Halloween

Enjoying Golden Time

Enjoying Golden Time

Halloween bats.

Our Autumn themed Tree of KindnessOur Autumn themed Tree of Kindness