Physical Education

All classes are taught at least 5 different PE strands each year (Athletics, Aquatics, Dance, Gymnastics, Games, Outdoor and Adventure). Swimming lessons are delivered to 2nd – 6th class for a period of 6 weeks and the Land PAWS water programme is carried out in SI/1st class. Our school PE programme allocates a balanced amount of teaching time to each of the different PE strands as well as the incorporation of the Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS)  


Priority Strand – Dance (5)

The Dance strand was identified as a priority this year following the SSE. After a period of planning the whole school embarked on an intensive 6 weeks of Dance, 3 weeks given to folk dance and 3 to creative.  We utilised PSSI resources and the Danc’in Time programme. We really enjoyed the process and will look forward to building on in next year.