Guitar Lessons


Mr. Crossan has uploaded new lessons on Youtube.

My Honest Face (Inhaler)

Someone you loved (Lewis Cipaldi)

Before you go (Lewis Cipaldi)

Blinded by the Light (The Weeknd)

Lights Up (Harry Styles) 

Beautiful People (Ed Sheeran and Khalid)

Some video tutorials on chords and tuning for you

Tuning for beginners

The D chord

The A chord

The E chord

The G chord

The C chord

The Cadd 9 chord

The easy F chord

The Am, Em and Dm chords (three chords in one video)

Bm chord

All of the chords taught during the year can be found on Google and there are You Tube videos to assist with locating them on the guitar.

Chords for the year – E, A, D, G, C, Cadd9, Em, Am and F (easy version)