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    1st class work for 30th of March to the 3rd of April

    Answers to this weeks Master your maths.

    Monday (p60) Tuesday  (p60) Wednesday  (p61) Thursday  (p61) Friday test (p90)
    1: 40

    2: 20,10

    3. 5c

    4: 30

    5: Sphere should be coloured (3rd shape)

    6: 65


    8: Kilogrammes


    10: 4

    11: 8

    12: 25c


    1: 98

    2: 5

    3: Sphere (3rd shape)



    6: 70, 60

    7: 88

    8: January

    9: 65

    10: 35

    11: 2 Hours

    12: 2c

    1: 75

    2: 97


    4: 27

    5: 97, 96, 95

    6: 35

    7: Sphere (3rd shape)

    8: 19

    9: 3rd,   5th

    10: 13, 18, 26, 29

    11: Going clockwise starting from 12 around the answers should be 8, 9, 10, 9

    12: 13

    1: 68, 78

    2: 6c

    3: 32

    4: 44

    5: 95,94,93

    6: Triangle should be circled (3rd shape)

    7: 73


    9: June

    10: Breakfast

    11: 30

    12: Wednesday

    1:  Bucket

    2: Visual

    3: 9

    4: 3

    5: Visual

    6: 76, 78, 80

    7: 31c

    8: 5

    9: triangle, triangle

    10: Cube or 3D (either acceptable)

    11: 75

    12: 3rd shape should be coloured

    13: 8

    14: Visual to show 6:30.

    15: 6- then own word problem about this sum.

    Weeks work 30th March – 3rd April

    Dear Parents, 

    We hope that you are keeping well and safe during this time. Please find an outline of work for the 1st class children for the week starting the 30th of March until the Friday the 3rd of April.

    The children will have some of these text books at home in a hard copy. All other text books are available online as eBooks through the CJ Fallon website, free of charge. 

    Please find below the work to be covered by the children this week. This has also been represented in a suggested daily plan.

    We look forward to being reunited with the children in school.

    With best wishes and kind regards,

    Ms Ferry & Ms Mc Nulty

    Text Books

    • Master your Maths Pages 58 +59 + 90
    • Spell Well Pages 54 + 55
    • Handwriting workbook P 46 + 47
    • Reader- continue English reader one page a day
    • English reading CJ Fallon first class Read at home P46-50 (one page per day)
    • Daily News Writing in copies: Please encourage your child to include the day, date, season, weather, what they did that day, how they helped at home, something they had to eat, etc.
    • Sentences: Put their spellings from Spell Well into sentences (4 Spellings a day, 4 sentences)

    Free access to the following eBooks available from CJ Fallon (www.cjfallon.ie)

    • 1st Class Busy at Maths Pages 125 -129. 

    Go through the pages with your child and have them complete the work on a piece of paper. (Or print pages if you have access to a printer and have the children complete them.) 

    • 1st Class Busy at Maths Shadow Book Pages 1-5
    • Small World Pages 72-75.
    • My Read at Home Book 1 Pages 46-50
    • Mrs Ferry’s Group continue with work provided in folders, red notebooks, master your maths, sounds like phonics, and tables (pages were dated for the children)
    • Mrs Mc Macken’s maths groups to continue their work on tables.

    Extra Activities (Non-essential work, but perhaps some good ideas for kids who want to keep busy!)

    • David Walliams does a story a day online at this link. You could have your child listen to it and respond to the story by drawing a picture, writing about their favourite part, reviewing the story or retelling the story orally to their siblings or parents. https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses/
    • CJ Fallons 1st class Brain teasers (CJ Fallon eBook) – Do a different brain teaser each day.
    • Have your child do a mini project on Australia or the Solar system as these topics have been recently covered. There are lots of resources on Twinkl that are very useful, and all free of charge. 
    • GoNoodle for movement breaks and activities available on youtube. Ten at ten movements breaks on youtube.
    • PE: If you have access to Youtube have the children select one video from Cosmic kids yoga get some space on a mat or a towel and copy the exercises. Here is a link but let your child choose which one appeals to them most. https://www.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga
    • Joe Wicks Daily- P.E. with Joe  (30 minutes each) Available on youtube.
    • https://www.dublinzoo.ie/animals/animal-webcams/ children can see the animals via video link

    Sample daily plan

    The books listed in blue were sent home with your child.

    The books listed in red are available free of charge online from CJ Fallon. 

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    • Master your Maths P58 Monday
    • Busy at Maths P125
    • Busy at Maths Shadow book P1
    • Spell Well Spellings 4 a day, Sentences, Activity B
    • Small World  p72 +73
    • News writing
    • My Read at Home Book 1 P46
    • Master your Maths P58 Tuesday
    • Busy at Maths P126
    • Busy at Maths Shadow book p2
    • Spell Well Spellings 4 a day, Sentences, Activity C
    • News writing
    • My Read at Home Book 1 P47
    • Master your Maths P59 Wednesday
    • Busy at Maths P127
    • Busy at Maths Shadow book p3
    • Spell Well Spellings 4 a day, sentences, Activity D
    • Small World P74
    • News writing
    • My Read at Home Book 1 P48
    • Master your Maths P59 Thursday
    • Busy at Maths P128
    • Busy at Maths Shadow book p4
    • Spell Well Spellings 4 a day plus sentences
    • Handwriting Workbook p46
    • News writing
    • My Read at Home Book 1 P49
    • Spelling test
    • Master your Maths Friday test P90
    • Busy at Maths P129
    • Busy at Maths Shadow book p5
    • Handwriting Workbook p47
    • Small World P75
    • News writing
    • My Read at Home Book 1 p50


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