Third Class


Hi boys and girls, hope you are all safe and well and being very good at home . Unfortunately we will not return to school next week but hopefully we will return soon.  

Here is some suggested work for next week.  

 Maths: continue with the next unit in Master your Maths and attempt the Friday Test.  

Revise × and ÷ tables daily.  Find 2D and 3D shapes in your home, and look for the weights of the items in the cupboard in your home. 

 English :  continue with the next story in your reading book and complete the activities at the end of the chapter. Use your dictionary to find meaning of new words. Next unit in Spellbound. 

 Gaeilge : Try to write Mo Nuacht (My News)- don’t forget there is  lots of vocabulary in your diary! also has websites to help with Irish in the Primary Learning Resources Section. 

PE : 30 min workout with Joe Wilks (Body Coach) on youtube daily, or any dancing/ exercise on Gonoodle. 

 SESE : Use your Atlas to find the countries affected by the Corona Virus, find their capital city and population (at the back of your Atlas), draw the flag. 

 Art :  Draw the Easter Bunny, draw and decorate your favourite Easter Egg. 

 Continue to Read, Read, Read ( Amazon/ Audible have given all audio books for free )/ David Walliams online.  

Tune in to RTE2 from 11am to 12(if you have it) each day for school broadcast.

Remember to have fun also and only do what you can.  


Guidelines for Children attending Mrs Daly’s  Groups. 
 Master Your Maths.
 1 unit per week and Friday Test.
 Practise Multiplication and Division Tables.
 English. Group 1
 Continue with your Reading Book-The School Trip.
 One page per day- Monday- Thursday.
 Revise all reading- Friday.
 Write two sentences about each page read.
 Pick out 4 words per page and put them into sentences of your own.
 Spellings- My Spelling Workbook B.
 One unit per fortnight- 8 spellings per week.
 Continue with the spelling exercises.
 Write sentences with the new spellings.
 Continue reading for enjoyment.
 All other children attending Mrs Daly should continue with the classwork assigned by Mrs O Connor and Mrs Carr.


Guidelines for work for your children for the next two weeks


Master your Maths: 1 unit per week and Friday test.

Practise multiplication and division tables daily.


Read 1 chapter/ story per week and complete the written activities at the end of the chapter.

Use dictionary to look up new words and put them into sentences if you can.


1 unit per week and revise all spellings since the beginning of the year.

The following websites have useful educational activities and lessons.


Please also continue reading for enjoyment. Take care.

Mrs. Carr and Mrs. O’ Connor


Rugby coaching

Active learning in maths


Mrs Carr’s class researching topics

Library workshop

Mrs. O’Connor’s class visited the local library where they got a chance to see some of the new interactive equipment they have on offer.

Fire Safety Workshop

Mrs. O’Connor’s class had a visit from local firemen who spoke to them about fire safety.

Norman castles in Mrs. O’ Connor’s class

Bricks 4 Kidz workshop

Have a look at the pupils building dragsters from Lego and then racing them around the classroom.

Dragster racing 1

Dragster racing 2

Dragster racing 3

Mrs. O’Connor’s class have been doing some science experiments as part of Science Week.