Sixth Class

Wonderful singing from the choir and excellent readings by the students.

Videos may be viewed on main page of website.

A little bit of dancing on a wet day!

Some beautiful festive cards created.

Gold Stars certificates in December- well done boys!

Peace Day 2 was lots of fun. We visited a local recycling centre, created wonderful art using recycled materials as well as enjoying a drumming session.

Lots of fun on our first Peace IV Day

Oil and water do not mix

Experiment about friction and lubrication

Learning about Internet Safety with Dominic from The Loft.

We designed our own pencil holders using clay.

Tullydonnell Gold Hoard

Sixth Class visited the museum to see the Gold Rings from the Bronze Age discovered in Co Donegal.


Language games to help us learn and construction to help us work together.

A science experiment exploring the pulley system.

Science experiment exploring water in cells. We used a potato and salt.




Mohammad in his traditional costume, preparing to greet Minister Mc Hugh, as he made his historic announcement of our new school building.




Fun in the LYIT exploring maths around us.