Senior Infants

Senior Infants March 30th – April 3rd 2020

Dear Parents,

We hope you are all well and keeping safe. We miss teaching your children and hope we are back in the classroom before long. It is not easy trying to get children to focus on work at home so please do not stress if it is proving difficult.

To access the curriculum online please do the following:

1. Go to and click register

2. Select Teacher

3. Fill in a username, email and password

4. For Roll Number use the code: Prim20

On this site you will be able to access more books to read from the reading  programme – just type in Reading Zone Senior Infants in the search bar on the website and lots of books will appear on the screen.

For lovely stories and work on your child’s oral language please type in Starlight Senior Infants in the search bar and enjoy as many topics as your child wishes.

To access the Maths curriculum type in Planet Maths Senior Infants and you will see it offers you the choice of looking at the ebook or resources. The resources include lots of maths games.

The Irish curriculum may also be accessed on this site by typing in Abair Liom Senior Infants in the search bar. Lesson 23 An Cháisc can be done this week, there are games to play, stories, songs and poems to listen to.

If you have access to a printer then the website has some great resources. You may log on using the code: IRLTWINKLHELPS . Look for the School Closure Packs, Senior Infants.

The following are the new words for the Word Box copy:

yet / shelf / lunch / crash / brush / thick / shell / think / rash / fish.

Please write these into your child’s copy and get him / her to write sentences using the words into their writing copies.

Our new tricky words are:

saw / put / could / should.

They could also write little stories / Our News in their copies also – just a few sentences on each page and a nice picture above it.

Continue working with your child on practising their sounds and blending their own words together.

Continue to give your child a few sums in their copies, e.g. adding 2 and 3 numbers up to 10! You could play counting games with your child during the day or ask them to name shapes / colours around the house.

Log on to Go Noodle for fun exercises and type in AJ Jenkins songs which the children are familiar with and are great for learning about numbers, shapes, days of the week, the months, space etc.

Please remember these are all suggestions. Take time to get fresh air and exercise and only do what your child is happy to do, we will catch up on everything when we get back to school.

Best wishes,

Ms O’Sullivan and Mrs Mulhall


Ms Mc Gill has also prepared the following work for the children who attend her reading group!

Miss McGill’s Group

We are learning to read and write three letter words with the ‘e’ sound in the middle.

30\3 Learning Learning Activity (10 mins) Follow Up
Day 1 Revise ‘e’.

I can identify words that start with the ‘e’ sound.

Watch Mr. Ts Phonics video on You Tube – Geraldine the Giraffe. Draw things in the house beginning with the ‘e’ sound.
Day 2 Identity ‘e’ in middle of a word.

I can say words that have ‘e’ in the middle.

Watch video with examples of words with ‘e’ in the middle.

C omplete worksheet – write the first sound (Write out the words- no need to print).
Day 3 Know words with ’e’ in the middle.

I can match words that have ‘e’ in the middle.

Go through list: hen, ten, pen, men by sounding out each sound in the word. Match the picture to the word or say the word that matches the picture (no need to print).
Day 4 Use words with an ‘en’ orally in a sentence.

I can say a simple sentence with words that end in ‘en’.

A red hen in the den.

I am Ben.

I am Ten

There are ten men in a den.

Ten men saw a hen.

Copy a simple sentence.

Ten men saw a hen in a den.

Day 5 Read words with ‘e’ sound- ending in ‘n’ sound.

I can sound out and read each word.

hen, ten, den, men

Practise reading by sounding out each word.

Try to read each word.

Programme of work for Senior Infants!

Dear Parents,
Following the Department of education announcement to close schools until March 27th we are sending home some suggestions for work for the pupils over this period.
Educational websites such as and are free to use for the next month and have the textbooks and resources online for you to use with your child. The Jolly phonics app is useful and costs about €6 to download.
Please use the Wordbox copies for writing sentences in their writing copies and continue in the maths copies with number, addition and pattern work. please use the folens website for ideas and games in all subject areas. Please continue to read library books at home and practise class reading books.
Kind regards
Ms O’Sullivan  Mrs Mulhall

Dancing with the Stars

Mrs. Mulhall has been getting into the groove with her class.

Spring Art

Spring Art by Ms. O’Sullivan’s class – a host of golden daffodils

Senior infants and 5th class working together on writing and illustrating their own stories for World Book Day!

Ms. O’Sullivan’s class have been busy!

They wrote and illustrated their own books.

They learned about animals and their habitats.

They learned about going shopping during Aistear.


Mrs Mulhall’s class really enjoyed playing in the shop this week during Aistear time!

Ms. O’Sullivan’s class have been doing gymnastics.

Mrs Mulhall’s class had great fun at gymnastics this week!





Ms. O’Sullivan’s class have been working in teams on a variety of  projects.

We had an enjoyable musical afternoon in Mrs Mulhall’s class!




Halloween fun in Mrs Mulhall’s Senior Infant Class!




Mrs Mulhall’s class visited the Central library! We had great fun listening to stories, singing songs and rhymes, learning how the 3D printer works and much more! We hope to visit again soon!