Second Class

22nd – 25th June

Hello 2nd class,

  • Book rental return: Please note that any book rentals (Grumpy Teaspoon English reader) must be returned to school this week on Thursday 25th or Friday 26th June between 9.30am – 3.00pm. If you have yet to return this book could you please do so on either of those days by returning the books to the front door of the school in a plastic bag. Thank you.

Congratulations boys and girls, you have made it to your last few days in 2nd class. What a year it has been. It didn’t go quite as planned but we still managed to work hard and try our best. I hope that you received your school reports and booklists. I’m sad that I won’t get to teach you next year but I know that you will love 3rd class. I can’t wait to see you all in September (hopefully), to see how much you have all grown and listen to your stories. I want to say a big well done to all of you for your dedication and hard work over the last few months. It was strange and we had to do things differently to keep everyone safe.  I know it must have been so difficult not getting to see your family and friends but by staying home, washing your hands and practicing social distancing, you have managed to keep yourself and others safe and that is a fantastic achievement. To the mums/dads/guardians/families that have been helping you with the distance-learning since March, thank you all for your efforts. It has been really appreciated. I hope that the boys and girls in 2nd class, and their families, enjoy a well-deserved rest and that everyone has a wonderful summer. It has been a pleasure to be your teacher this year and I can’t wait to see you all soon.

This week, the learning activities are a little different. Put the schoolbooks to one side and have fun. Please click on the blue link titled 22nd – 25th June to see some of the suggested activities for you to get up to. You can email me at to let me know what you think of the activities!! Take care boys and girls. Keep washing your hands, practice social distancing, stay safe and have a fabulous summer.

Ms McDaid

22nd – 25th June

June 22nd-26th:

Hi boys and girls,

I hope you are all well. Can you believe that this is the last few days of 2nd Class? Holidays officially begin on Thursday! I just wanted to say a huge well done to you all for all the work you did throughout the year and particularly since school closed. It has been a very difficult  and strange time being away from school, friends and  loved ones but you all played your part in keeping yourselves safe and staying together while staying apart. I have really enjoyed working with you all and I loved all the emails you sent over the last few weeks. A special thanks to your parents/guardians for supporting you with your work. Enjoy a well deserved break over the summer. I’m  really look forward to seeing you all when school reopens.

I have attached a link for some fun activities.

Take care, stay safe and enjoy the break.

See you soon,

Mrs. Shields.

Week June 22-25







15th – 19th June


June 15th-19th:

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all safe and well and that you enjoyed the beautiful weather yesterday. This is our last full week before the summer holidays, I have alink below to some work for this week. Not too much! Hopefully the nice weather will continue and you can play outside. Don’t forget to send me an email to show me some of the great work you are doing. I love hearing from you. My email address is

Have a great week,

Bye for now,

Mrs. Shields,

Week June 15th-19th






3D Name Art

Have a look at some of the super cool 3D Name Art creations we had from our class this week.

Yummy Recipe work in 2nd class

This week 2nd class were reading about a recipe and they had to write one themselves. Well done to Jakub for writing his recipe on how to make rice krispie buns and he even tried it out himself. They look DELICIOUS! 


8th – 12th June


Week June 8th-12th:

Hi everyone,

I hope you and your families are safe and well. This is the last month of the school year! Below I have a link with a suggested program of work for this week. Try your best. Do a little bit every day if you can and don’t feel under any pressure to complete it all. Don’t forget to keep sending me emails of your work. I love getting them and thanks to everyone and the grown ups at home for sending them in. My email address is I can’t wait to see all your great work!

Keep safe,


June 8th-12th







2nd – 5th June

Hello boys and girls,

I hope you are all enjoying the fabulous weather! Can you believe that it is June already? I have a link below for this week’s suggested menu of work. Thanks to everyone who has sent me emails of their work. As always I love hearing from you. You can email me at I look forward to seeing your work again this week. Don’t forget to go outside and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!

Stay safe everyone,

Mrs. Shields.

Week June2-5


25th – 29th May




Week May 25th-29th:

Hi everyone,

I hope you  and your families are well. Thanks to all of you who have emailed me work samples. I love hearing from you and seeing all the great work that you are doing at home. My email address is : Keep those emails coming in!

Below is a link to this week’s suggested menu of work. As always , try your best.

Enjoy the good weather that is forecast.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs. Shields.

Week May 25thdocx









22nd May

Happy Friday everyone! Below is a photo of the Master Your Maths answers for week 29. Also, I received this beautiful art work by a pupil in the class. I think the yellow and red pattern on the hot air balloon is fantastic. Have a lovely weekend everyone.

18th – 22nd May


May 18th-22nd:

Hello boys and girls,

I hope you and your families are keeping safe and well. Thanks to everyone who sent me emails of your work…well done to you all! If you want to send me on some work you can email me at Below is a suggested plan of work for this week. Try your best, do what you can.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Take care, stay safe.

Mrs. Shields.

Week May 18th











Week 28 Master Your Maths Answers & Butterfly Art

Uploaded in the photos below is the answers to week 28 Master your maths & some lovely butterfly artwork sent in by two pupils in the class. I think they are so creative and both of them have a brilliant use of colour. Well done.



Ms McDaid

11th – 15th May


May 11th-15th,

Hi everyone,

I hope you and your families are all safe and well. Thanks for all your emails …I love hearing from you! Remember you can contact me at if you want to send on some work samples or if you have any questions you would like to ask.

I have a link below with this week’s suggested menu of work. Try your best and do a little each day. I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs. Shields.

Week May 11th



Hello everyone,

I hope you and your families  are all safe and well. I was delighted to get some emails of your work. You are doing a great job! You can send on photos of your work to I have a link below with a menu of work including reading and worksheets for this week, Tuesday 5th-8th.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs. Shields.

Week May 5th


Master Your Maths week 27 Answers

The answers for week 27 of Master Your Math can be found in the picture below.

Space creation

This week we were learning about space. Have a look at this space creation made using lego sent to us by one of our pupils. I think it is super creative! Also, take a look at his t-shirt, we could have a future astronaut with us in 2nd class!!


27th April – 1st May

 Regarding First Holy Communion, for those of you whom I did not get talking to, Fr. Kevin Gillespie has informed us that the First Holy Communion date has been cancelled and will be rescheduled in June if restrictions are lifted.

Remember RTÉ 2 Home School Hub is on every day from 11am. Also, TG4 have also started Irish lessons every day from 10am.

27th April – 1st May


Week April 27th-May 1st:

Hello everyone.

I hope you are all safe and well. It’s Active Week this week so I have included in the link below, some activities that you can complete this week. Don’t forget to record this activity, 60 minutes a day, and email a copy to me at or to Ms. McDaid at

I have also included a menu of work including attached reading pages for those who were doing  a different reader to the class reader. Try your best, do what you can and don’t forget to email me some of your lovely work!

Enjoy the week ahead, take care and stay safe.

Best wishes,

Mrs. Shields.

Please click blue link below.

Week April 27th


20th – 24th April

Please click on the blue link ‘ 20-24th April’ below to access the weekly outline of work. Mrs Shields has outlined work for her groups below also.  Any pupils who attend EAL with Mrs Keys, click the ‘EAL’ above.

20 – 24th April









Hi everyone,

I hope you are all safe and well. Please click on the link below for suggested work activities for the week beginning Monday,April 20th. Stay safe everyone and look forward to seeing you all when schools re open. Mrs. P. Shields .            Week April 20th


Hi everyone.

I hope that you are all well. I have added some more useful websites for you in addition to those that Ms.McDaid has added below

For next week (30th March – 3rd April) could I ask that my groups continue with your spellings units and Master your Maths as marked when school finished up. Have a look at the exercises MsMcDaid has marked in Busy at Maths…you will be able to find them online ..details are listed below. Try and see how many you can do! 

For children who are learning English as an additional language  (EAL)the following websites are particularly useful. They will help you with letter sounds and also increase your vocabulary.

www. phonics

Username: march 20

Password: home


If you don’t have access to the internet you could tune into the Home School Hub on  RTE 2 which starts next Monday . It’s on daily from 11-12 and can also be found on on RTE player.

Take care.









Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well. Myself and Mrs Shields will be updating the blog with suggested activities to keep the learning up at home. Some activities referred to will be within the pupils’ school books, which are now available online with CJFallon and Folens.  The picture below is how to register with Folens and for CJFallon, follow this link 

Take Care,

Ms McDaid

The following are suggested learning activities for the 30th March till the 3rd April:


  • Spell Well 2 – Week 27 pg 56 & 57 – learn spellings and do activities
  • Reading: Grumpy Teaspoon: Cat News pages 68-71 & pick two activities of A/B/C on pg 72
  • My News – writing their news
  • Write a report on your favourite animal. Remember to think of where the animal lives, what they look like, what they eat and some interesting facts about the animal. Use and the world book online tab to help with your research before writing.
  • Starlight Combined Reader & Skills book (Folens) – Report about Spain and activities – 26&27
  • 2 pages of Handwriting
  • Keep reading books at home. Starlight (Folens) have a core reader on their website too
  • Oral Language- Name 5 Game:
Name 5 things that smell nice Name 5 things that are circular in shape
Name 5 things that taste spicy Name 5 things that are orange
Name 5 different fruits Name 5 things that feel soft
Name 5 things that sound nice Name 5 things found on a farm


  • RíRá 2 (CJFallon) – Aonad 14 – pgs 34-35
  • Abair Liom D (Folens) –  unit 19. An Dinnéar – pg 96-101

new words: pláta, scian, forc, sorn, sáspan, pota, uachtar reoite, glasraí, babhla, cuisneoir, salann, im, cairéid, spúnóg, feoil, líomanáidm gloine, piseanna

  • Continue with activities for unit 19. An Dinnéar
  • Try come up with 3 sentences about the poster e.g. Tá Séan ag ithe cairéid. Tá bainne sa cuisneoir.
  • Use two teddies and practice our questions that we do with our puppet ‘Séan’ at school e.g. cad is ainm duit? Cén aois thu? Cá bhfuil tú i do chonaí? Cén rang ina bhfuil tú? Cén dath atá ar do ghruaig?


  • Continue learning tables -8. Topmarks hit the button game is a great game to revise tables. Play tables champion at home.
  • Busy at Maths (CJ FALLON) – Subtraction with renaming – pages 138, 152, 153, 154, 155.
  • Master Your Maths – Week 25 – pg 54-55- one column a day, Friday Test pg 90.
  • Here are some other renaming sums from twinkl to practice and the poem we used to help us remember how to do it

History/Geography/ Science

  • Look out for signs of spring e.g. flowers, birds etc. Go on a nature walk (remember social and physical distance) and see how many signs of spring you can find.
  • Write an acrostic poem for SPRING.
  • Small World 2nd Class (CJ Fallon) – Nurse on Duty – page 68 & 69
  • People at work – think about the following jobs at when they help us. Write a sentence or tell someone at home how they help you e.g. A vet helps me when my pet is sick.
chef farmer teacher dentist nurse
fire-fighter doctor shop-keeper vet garda

PE & Art

  • Go-Noodle
  • 10@10 RTÉ
  • The Body Coach on Youtube does a live P.E. class at 9am every morning
  • Check our Youtube – ArtHubForKids – for lots of wonderful drawing tutorials.
  • Create a Spring Scene.

Below is a list of useful websites and apps to assist with learning.

February 2020

February has been quite a busy month with 2nd class. We have been learning how to measure length and we found items in our classroom that measured a metre, half a metre and quarter of a metre. We also made beautiful L O V E print pictures for Valentine’s Day. We are eagerly awaiting to see some spring flowers start to grow so we drew and painted some tulips, daisies and daffodils. Have a look at our work below.


Safer Internet Day 2020

On Tuesday February 11th, 2nd class celebrated Safer Internet Day. We discussed how and when we use the internet and made up rules for staying safe online.



Science & Maths in Room 5

2nd class pupils recently learned about data in Maths. We took our maths outside to do a traffic tally and to tally items we could see from the school yard e.g. trees, windows, birds etc. Then, we used SKITTLE sweets for maths and science. We tallied how many of each colour skittle there was and made it into a graph. Afterwards, we did a science experiment on how to make a rainbow using skittles. We even got to eat a few skittles after all our hard work!!




Literacy Lift Off / Guided Reading Programme.

During 6 weeks in September and October, 2nd class were the first group in the school to take part in the Literacy Lift off / Guided Reading Programme. For one hour every day the pupils took part in 5 literacy stations of guided reading, dictation, phonics & comprehension, ICT with tablets and fine motor activities. Everyone enjoyed the programme and the teachers saw big improvements in the pupils’ reading skills. Well done everyone!




Second Class 2019/2020

Our new 2nd class have been super busy in their first term. Have a look at some of the work they got up to in September and October.





Congratulations to all the children receiving the trophy for their behavior this year.

We have our own patch to plant and take care of in the vegetable garden!

The children had a great time with the mobile zoo!

First Holy Communion

Congratulations and well done to all the boys who made their First Holy Communion on the 11th May 2019.


The Solar System Study

2nd class recently completed a unit of work based on the solar system. The pupils made up poems to help remember the order of the planets. They also researched information in books and on the tablets about the planets and created a fact card for each planet. In art, everyone made a chalk drawing of the solar system and mini rockets.



Clay Easter Baskets

Before the Easter break, the 2nd class boys made Easter baskets using clay. They first had to mould the clay into the correct shape, then design thir baskets using tooth picks and finally paint their creations. Have a look at their very creative work.




Active Learning and Impressive Groupwork

A Quick Update

Over the past month 2nd class have been super busy! Pupils researched and wrote reports about animals. We were also very lucky to take part in a Bricks 4 Kids workshop. Lots of measuring work was done in Maths, especially measuring the length of objects and weighing them and for St. Patrick’s Day we made shamrock men.



Making Butter

2nd class investigated materials in their science lessons. We discussed how certain materials can change. We tried out an experiment to show how cream can change to butter. Everyone got a little taste of their creations. What a tasty science lesson!

Saint Brigid’s Crosses with Miss McDaid’s 2nd class

Miss McDaid’s class celebrated Saint Brigid’s day by making their own Saint Brigid crosses using coloured pipe cleaners. We think they look fantastic.


A tasty way to practise fractions!


The children got involved in some hands on measuring!




Great effort made with beginning writing in Irish



Co-operative Stretching Activity!

The children in Second Class had a great time trying out the new suite of tablets. They had a go at coding, wordgames and writing a few memos! These children will certainly have no trouble keeping up with the digital age!