Second Class

Science & Maths in Room 5

2nd class pupils recently learned about data in Maths. We took our maths outside to do a traffic tally and to tally items we could see from the school yard e.g. trees, windows, birds etc. Then, we used SKITTLE sweets for maths and science. We tallied how many of each colour skittle there was and made it into a graph. Afterwards, we did a science experiment on how to make a rainbow using skittles. We even got to eat a few skittles after all our hard work!!




Literacy Lift Off / Guided Reading Programme.

During 6 weeks in September and October, 2nd class were the first group in the school to take part in the Literacy Lift off / Guided Reading Programme. For one hour every day the pupils took part in 5 literacy stations of guided reading, dictation, phonics & comprehension, ICT with tablets and fine motor activities. Everyone enjoyed the programme and the teachers saw big improvements in the pupils’ reading skills. Well done everyone!




Second Class 2019/2020

Our new 2nd class have been super busy in their first term. Have a look at some of the work they got up to in September and October.





Congratulations to all the children receiving the trophy for their behavior this year.

We have our own patch to plant and take care of in the vegetable garden!

The children had a great time with the mobile zoo!

First Holy Communion

Congratulations and well done to all the boys who made their First Holy Communion on the 11th May 2019.


The Solar System Study

2nd class recently completed a unit of work based on the solar system. The pupils made up poems to help remember the order of the planets. They also researched information in books and on the tablets about the planets and created a fact card for each planet. In art, everyone made a chalk drawing of the solar system and mini rockets.



Clay Easter Baskets

Before the Easter break, the 2nd class boys made Easter baskets using clay. They first had to mould the clay into the correct shape, then design thir baskets using tooth picks and finally paint their creations. Have a look at their very creative work.




Active Learning and Impressive Groupwork

A Quick Update

Over the past month 2nd class have been super busy! Pupils researched and wrote reports about animals. We were also very lucky to take part in a Bricks 4 Kids workshop. Lots of measuring work was done in Maths, especially measuring the length of objects and weighing them and for St. Patrick’s Day we made shamrock men.



Making Butter

2nd class investigated materials in their science lessons. We discussed how certain materials can change. We tried out an experiment to show how cream can change to butter. Everyone got a little taste of their creations. What a tasty science lesson!

Saint Brigid’s Crosses with Miss McDaid’s 2nd class

Miss McDaid’s class celebrated Saint Brigid’s day by making their own Saint Brigid crosses using coloured pipe cleaners. We think they look fantastic.


A tasty way to practise fractions!


The children got involved in some hands on measuring!




Great effort made with beginning writing in Irish



Co-operative Stretching Activity!

The children in Second Class had a great time trying out the new suite of tablets. They had a go at coding, wordgames and writing a few memos! These children will certainly have no trouble keeping up with the digital age!