Guitar Lessons


Mr. Crossan has uploaded two new lessons on Youtube.

Bm chord

Blinded by the Light

Andy Guitar on YouTube has useful lessons for beginners. This is Sweet Caroline. It uses E, A and D chords.

Sweet Caroline

Don’t Stop Believing

Some new guitar lessons for the isolation period March/April 2020

C, Am and F chords

Lights Up

Beautiful People


February 2020 

Beginners lessons have commenced on Wednesdays after school.

Intermediate classes are on Thursdays.

Please ensure each child has a capo, tuner and picks.

The videos below are for beginners or anyone who wants to revise the basic chords.

Tuning for beginners

The D chord

The A chord

The E chord

The G chord

The C chord

The Cadd 9 chord

The easy F chord

The Am, Em and Dm chords (three chords in one video)

All of the chords taught during the year can be found on Google and there are You Tube videos to assist with locating them on the guitar.

Chords for the year – E, A, D, G, C, Cadd9, Em, Am and F (easy version)