Junior Infants

Monday 30th March

Dear Parents

I hope you are all well and taking good care of yourselves.  It is a challenging time but we must do our best to beat this together.  Please tell the children I miss them terribly and look forward to teaching them again in the near future.  Until then, I am going to upload suggestive work for each week.  Please do not put yourselves under pressure as I know it is not easy.  A little everyday will go a long way.  I am also going to upload a number of recommended websites and apps that your children will benefit from.

Junior Infants Suggestive work  30/3/20 – 3/4/20

  • Revise soundbook
  • Sound ‘ie’.  Pie, tie, die, lie.  Action is stand to attention and salute saying aye, aye captain.  Trace over the sound with finger.  Download the Jolly Phonics app (picture of mouse on the app) for and this will give access to lots work to reinforce this sound.  It is 6.49euro to buy the whole pack but you do not have to purchase it.  You will also access songs and stories for each sound on you tube.
  • Revision of word card in folder. Reading pages 1 – 6 of The Lost Ball.  This is available on www.folensonline.ie.  See below how to register.  For those of you having difficulty accessing the website here are the first 6 pages of reading.
  • Here is Max.
  • Max has a big box.
  • Max gets a ball out of the big box.
  • Look! Here is Finn.  Finn runs to get the ball.
  • Here is Kitty.  Kitty has Teddy.  Kitty gets a rug out of the big box.
  • Max has the ball.  Max kicks the ball.


  • Practice writing the new sound of the week ‘ie’.
  • Practice writing all sounds you have learned to date, it’s important to revise these!
  • Write ‘ie’ words, eg. tie, lie, pie and draw pictures of them.



  • Practice writing the numbers 1,2,3,4,5.
  • Draw 8 circles and ask your child to draw 5 identical objects in each circle/set. eg 5 lollipops, 5 flowers, etc.
  • listen to number songs online.
  • The children use Planet Maths Junior Infants.  This is also available on www.folensonline.ie.  We are on page 82 of the work book.
  • Continue the next 2 pages of number book in your folder.
  • You can look at the ebook online or resources.  The resources include lots of maths games.

Practice cutting and sticking, jigsaws, card games, board games, colouring, drawing etc.  Don’t forget to get at least 30 mins of fresh air per day.

Suggested websites

On the Folens website you will be able to access books to read from the programme we are using in school.  Just type in Reading Zone Junior Infants in the search bar on the website and many books will appear on the screen.


  1. Go to Folensonline.ie and click Register
  2. Select Teacher
  3. Fill in a username, email and password.
  4. For roll number use the code:Prim20


Twinkl: free access for the month for parents and teachers.  Useful if you have access to a printer.


Animated storybooks, one month free.  Beautiful website!


storylineonline – stories read by celebrities, we use this in class sometimes.


Gonoodle – physical activity to song and dance

app.gonoodle.com  (also available on you tube)

Jumpstart Jonny (3 free videos)


The Body Coach

Kids workout 2

5 minute move


  • Jolly Phonics
  • Froggy match it
  • Teach your monster to read ( Free Phonics and Reading Game)

Try and read at least one story to your child everyday.  Reading to your child increases their vocabulary.  They can use their Building Bridges techniques which are Prediction, Making connections and Visualising throughout the story.  They understand what these are and how to use them.  Get them to draw a picture of their favourite part of the story after.  Remember these are suggestions of work that can be done next week.  Take care everyone and tell your child I miss them and hope they will do their best to learn at home.

Best wishes,

Mrs. Mulrain





Programme of work for Junior Infants!

Dear Parents,
Following the Department of education announcement to close schools until March 27th we are sending home some suggestions for work for the pupils over this period.
Educational websites such as www.folensonline.ie and twinkl.ie are free to use for the next month and have the textbooks and resources online for you to use with your child. The Jolly phonics app is useful and costs about €6 to download.
Please continue with your sound work and begin to blend 3 letter words, example c-a-t,  s-i-t etc
Please practise words in plastic folder for new reading book!
Please complete pages 20 and 21 in the Maths Number book.  Please use the folens website for ideas and games in all subject areas. Please continue to read library books at home.
Kind regards
Mrs Mulrain

Show and Tell.


Junior Infants are learning all about number.


The ABC Nativity.  Well done Junior Infants, you were SUPER!


We were visiting the Doctor’s Surgery during Aistear.



We learned about our taste buds today. We tasted sweet food, salty food and bitter food.



Meet some of our Junior Infants 2019.



Mrs. Mulrain’s Junior Infants.


Boys and girls from Mrs Mulhall’s class had great fun when the mobile zoo visited our school!!







Exploring Transport through Aistear in Mrs. Mulrian’s class.


Well done to our boys and girls from Junior Infants who participated in recent Feis na Gaeilge in Loreto Convert!

Congratulations to Anna Dear who won 2nd place with her recitation!






Congratulations to Mrs. Mulrain’s Class. We won Walk on Wednesday.



We had lots of fun learning about the farm during Aistear time. We also planted our own cress seeds!



Junior Infants celebrated World Book Day at the Library.  We read books in class too.

Junior Infants celebrate World Book Day! We went to the library, listened to stories, sang rhymes and songs and had a treasure hunt! We also dressed up for World book Day!





Mrs Mulhall’s class exploring all about the Post Office during Aistear time!





Mrs. Mulrain’s class went on Spring nature walk to see what we could see and hear.

We celebrated Friendship Week. Junior Infants made Friendship Buns.  They tasted great!


Garda Maeve came to visit Junior Infants!





Junior Infants are learning all about the number 4!


Mrs. Mulrain’s class are learning to use writing strips.  Look at the beautiful handwriting.







Boys and girls from Mrs Mulhall’s Junior Infants had lots of fun playing doctors and hospitals during Aistear time!!






Science experiments

Exploring hard and soft

Science Week