Green School

Green Schools Diary June 2017

New Green flag – our most recent Green Flag for Global Citizenship – Energy is fluttering in the breeze by the front gate.

Discover Science & Maths Award – Our plaque is in the post and will be hung with the others by the front door when it arrives.

Vegetable Patch / Herbarium – Check out these areas in our school garden – we have seen great growth in reccent weeks. The potatoes and carrots are well up.

Flowers – We have added a cottage garden look to the front entrance of the school – foxgloves, lavendar and ruby bells to name a few.

Letterkenny Tidy Towns Schools Garden Competition – We are in the process of applying for this competition. All hands on deck weeding and planting over the next week in preperaton for the adjudicators to arrive!

Glenveagh Trip – Mr Kavanagh’s class will go on a guided walk f the Bridle Path at Glenveagh on June 22nd. They hope to see birds of prey and deer on the walk as well as all the wonderful plants and other wildlife found in the park.

Walk On Wednesday– The recent good weather has seen a great increase int he number of pupils walking soem or all of the way to school, especially on Wednesdays, well done everyone!

Final Meeting of the Year – The last Grren Schools Meeting of this year will take place on Wednesday June 21st at 1pm. All committee members to meet in the hall.

Green Schools Diary 17th May 2017

STEM Plaque of Excellence – We just received news today that we were successful in our application for this prestigious award for the 3rd year running . Well done to all teachers and pupils on a great year’s work in these areas.

WOW – Walk on Wednesday is in full swing. This is also National Walk to School Week. Winners of the Gold and Silver Boots will be announced on Friday. We have to send our total numbers of pupils who walked some or all of the way to school everyday this week away on Friday so let’s hope for continued good weather for the rest of the week to encourage even more pupils (and staff!) to walk to school.

Green Flag – We shal have a date for our flag raising ceremony and an update on our proposed picnic next week.

Coffee Morning and Bake Sale – Looking forward to all the yummy treats and visitors to the school next week, invite everyone you know!

Green Schools Diary May 2017

Green Flag Award Ceremony – JP and Jake accepted our most recent Green Flag for Global Citizenship – Energy, at a ceremony in the Radisson Hotel today, May 3rd 2017. We received our eighth renewal award certificate for outstanding achievement in improving the environmental quality of the school and community. We shall have a special flag raising ceremony in the near future, details to follow. Well done everybody on a fanstastic team achievement.

WOW – Walk on Wednesday – This will begin for all classes next week. A committee member will visit all classes on Tuesday to remind pupils about WOW and to explain about the Gold and Silver Boot awards for the junior and senior ends of the school.

DPSMA– We went off our application for the plaque for Excellence in Science and Maths this week. We look forward to adding another plaque to our growing wall of acheivements in this field.

Signs of Summer – Second class scoured the school grounds for signs of summer this week. We saw lots of varieties of wildflowers – daisies, bluebells, buttercups and dandelions abound in our school gardens. We heard the sweet song of the robin and the blackbird amongst our trees and hedgerows. Welcome summer – may the sun continue to shine.

Walk for Water – 6th class enjoyed walking 8km in Glenveagh on Tuesday April 25th as part of Green Schools Walk for Water International Day.

Annual Spring Clean – This annual big clean up of the school grounds will take place this Friday May 5th at 11:30am. All committee members to meet in Ms O’Sullivan’s room at that time.

Inter-Cultural Day / Sustainable Picnic – We hope to secure a date in June for this wonderful event , more details to follow. We are keeping an eye on our vegetable patch in advance of this.

Green Schools Diary April 2017

Energy Action Day – Thank you to everybody for such a great day last month. There were lots of activities happening on the day. Please browse the notice boards and read the various pledges written by each class and look at some of the photos taken on the day.

STEPS Visit We were delighted to welcome Sharon Clarke and her team of engineers from Seagate in Derry as part of our Action Day. It was a great success, the boys said it was the best day ever. They gave an interesting powerpoint presentation at the beginning and checked the boys knowledge of engineers and places at home and in the  environment where they might encounter engineering. They took a station teaching approach to the workshop which worked really well. Each group (4 groups in total) worked for about 15 / 20 minutes at 4 different stations. They worked in groups making lava lamps, windmills, racing magnetic cars and investigating the importance of wearing a seatbelt in a moving vehicle. The team were very hands on and very professional in their approach to the workshop. They pitched it at just the right level for the children . We were delighted to hear Sharon say they would come back to the school again to facilitate another workshop with the other 2nd class in the school. This is a great initiative and we were delighted the engineers from Seagate got in touch with us.

SEAI Workshops – Aonghus Kennedy also visited us on our Energy Action Day and conducted 3 brilliant workshops on Energy with various classes. The workshops encompassed a mix of games, experiments and information delivered in an engaging and energetic way by Aonghus.

Spring in Bloom – Spring is in full bloom in the school gardens. We have glorious displays of daffodils , primroses and tulips everywhere. Thank you to the pupils past and present who have planted bulbs over the years. Our garden gets more colourful each year as we plant more and more bulbs and varieties of flowers.

Vegetable Patch / Herbarium – These areas have been dug and divided into perfect rows all ready for planting.

Green Schools Meeting – This months meeting will take place on Tuesday at 1pm in Room 8. All committee members to attend.

32nd Annual Cleaner Community Campaign – We have been invited to represent the school at the launch of this campaign on Tuesday at 10:30am at An Grianan Theatre.

Schools Competition – School Gardeners of the Year 2017 – We shall hear more about this competition at the launch of the Cleaner Community Campaign next Tuesday. We have entered and won this competition for the past number of years. We will also hear details of the upcoming Jim McCormick and May McClintock awards, both of which we received for the 2016 Community Awards.

Spring Clean Month – April is Spring Clean Month. We take part in this each year as part of the An Taisce iniative. We will keep an eye on the weather and pick a day before and after the Easter holidays to give the grounds a good Spring Clean.

Engineer’s Week – Mrs Daly’s class and some members of the Green School Committee visited the LYIT on Monday March 6th for the “It’s All Done With Mirrors” show. Dr Ken blended spectacular magic tricks, illusions and stunts with extraordinary science and engineering. Some of our pupils were invited on stage to help with the experiments. It was a really interestingand fun show!

Environmentally Yours,

The Green Schools Committee


Green Schools Diary 1st – 31st March 2017

Green Schools Application – We were delighted to send off our application for our green flag in Global Citizenship – Energy this week. Well done everyone on working so hard on this flag.

Energy Action Day – We held our Energy Action Day on Tuesday 28th February. It was a great success. We had Aonghus Kennedy from SEAI in who facilitated 3 workshops throughout the day to 5 classes on the theme of Energy. The boys really enjoyed the day exploring the different types of energy and conducting various experiments.

Our committee members went around the various classes informing the other pupils about their roles and responsibilities within the Green Schools. Each class came up with a pledge on how they could save energy and wrote these on clouds. Watch our for the display at the front door!

Everyone wore green on the day and we expended some energy under the direction of Mr Kavanagh in the front yard in the afternoon. A super day – many thanks to everyone for making it so!

Engineer’s Visit – We were also delighted to host a team of engineers from Seagate who facilitated a 2 hour workshop with 2nd class. The boys discussed the different types of engineering and worked in groups making lava lamps, windmills, racing magnetic cars and investigating the importance of wearing a seatbelt in a moving vehicle. The team were so impressed with the work the boys did they are coming back to the school in a few weeks to faciliate another workshop with us.

Engineer’s Week School Trip– Mrs Daly’s class will be visiting the LYIT on Monday 6th March for a show in association with Engineer’s Week. We look forward to hearing all about what they will learn and seeing the photos!

Tree Week – Tree Week is taking place next week. We will be planting various types of trees in our tree nursery to mark the occasion.

Indoor Planting – Mrs Mulhalls’ class have been busy planting various types of seed in their classroom. Call in to see cress, baby carrots and broad beans in various stages of growth!

Environmentally Yours,

The Green Schools Committee


Green Schools Diary                                                                                                           6th – 28th  February 2017

Visit by Mrs Suzanne Bogan – We were delighted to welcome Suzanne to the school on Monday morning. She visited the school as part of our application for our current Green Flag application – Global Citizenship – Energy. She met with committee members and for almost an hour and a half they had a question and answer session based on the work done in school for the flag. We showed her our displays and awards received as well as the folders containing all of the graphs and information pertinent to all things Green School. We now have to complete the application form online and send to the Head Office in Dublin and await confirmation that we have succeeded in our application.

Energy and Climate Change Competition – We look forward to seeing the projects over the coming weeks. We will use them as part of our upcoming Energy Action Day. Suzanne suggested that some classes look at the various types of energy –  fossil fuels / wind / solar etc and that the tiniest increase in temperature can cause huge changes around the world with very great effects.

DPSMA –  Work is well underway for this year’s application for the plaque for Excellence in Science and Maths. This is our 3rd year completing this award. Any work you wish to include in the application please forward t Mrs Janice Daly.

Sow & Grow Kits – We were successful in our application for free Sow and Grow kits. They are on their way from giyIreland. They will provide us with a great start to planting our own vegetables this year. We plan to plant a range of plants and will then check the shops to see where these same vegetables come from around the world and see what could we grow at home that we wouldn’t have to import and so cut down on our Food Miles. Any class particularly interested in this should contact Ms O’Sullivan as soon as possible.

Engineer’s Week – This will begin on March 4th. We have secured a trip to the LYIT to see a special show, “It’s All Done With Mirrors”. Dr Ken blends spectacular magic tricks, illusions and stunts with extraordinary science and engineering. Trapped doors, mirrors, or camera effects? Everyone can have their own theory. Whatever you discover and more may be revealed! Quirky stunts and illusions performed. Science discovered. Engineering explored. Mrs Daly’s class and some members of the Green Schools committee will attend on Monday March 6th.

STEPS Visit – Sharon Clarke, an engineer at Seagate will visit the school as part of the STEPS school visits programme. Which lucky class will be chosen to meet with her? All will be revealed..

Environmentally Yours,

The Green Schools Committee



Green Schools Diary                                                                               9th – 27th January 2016

The Green Schools Committee had their first meeting of 2017 yesterday. We have a lot of exciting events planned for the coming months, including Tree Week, Engineer’s Week, an Energy Action Day and in Intercultural Day. We will share information on these with you in due course.

Spring Shoots – Our first crocus of the season has bloomed in the Butterfly Garden. There are lots of little shoots appearing all over the school grounds. Third class are busy spotting them as they appear and are taking photos for our Green Schools notice board.

Energy and Climate Change competition – each class received information on this in-house competition yesterday. We look forward to seeing the projects over the coming weeks. We hope to use them as part of our display for our upcoming Energy Action Day (more details to follow!)

DPSMA – We hope to receive this plaque recognising our work in Maths and Science again this year. Please record the various experiments, ICT work , trips etc in these areas and send to Ms O’Sullivan.

Rowan Tree Saplings – We received 4 of these on National Tree Day in October past. Three of these are alive and well in the various classrooms and will be replanted outside in due course.

Battery and Card Recycling – The boys did a blitz of the school last week to remind pupils to bring these in after the Christmas period. We have filled another two boxes, well done everybody!

Environmentally Yours,

The Green Schools Committee